A lovely Sunday chat

Episode 9 · March 25th, 2020 · 34 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

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Show Notes

  • We discuss commuting into the office
  • Cam gets a random Twitter lead
  • We discuss narrowing in on the right type of client by pre-qualifying
  • We talk discuss how having more clients and hours booked has diminishing returns after a certain point
  • Being back in an office gives Kaelynd some more appreciation for the time she does have outside of work
  • We chat about the difficulties of starting a new job and just how exhausting it actually can be
  • We get an update on Kaelynd's quail tracking system and associated shipping drama
  • Cam discusses his nervousness around the potential issues that are going to come up when he goes down the founder path
  • Kaelynd provides some insights around the benefits of co-founders and tech incubators to be a part of a community
  • We discuss the benefits of a mastermind group and some free resources to entrepreneurs
  • Cam chats about his strategy of maintaining a simple CRM in Notion for managing potential client leads
  • We chat about the benefits of writing every single thing down in a reliable space
  • Kaelynd updates begin at about 23 minutes
  • Kaelynd is 3 weeks into her new job as an agile coach
  • Kaelynd gives an update around one of her goals to grow her technical skills by taking courses from a local bootcamp
  • We discuss some of the benefits of working in a classroom and having accountability in your learning
  • Cam give his opinion on which web development course option may be the best fit for Kaelynd
  • Kaelynd gets into her motivation behind the decision to study web development right now, where her current role is more of a manager than a maker, and this will fulfill that maker drive that she loves