Quail monitoring solutions etc

Episode 8 · March 23rd, 2020 · 46 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

  • Alaskan Tapes is the music producer cam was talking about but never mentioned
  • Kaelynd moves into a new apartment and starts her new job and talks about the first week.
  • Kaelynd keeps sneaky tabs on her old company lol
  • Kaelynd getting the lay of the land meeting new people and working with a new team
  • Kaelynd enjoys some of the structure that working from an office brings compared to her previous gig which was mostly remote
  • Cam talks about his experience starting a new contract in a larger company and the adjustment coming from a smaller start up.
  • They discuss backlogs as inspired by the Founder Quest podcast
  • Cam and Kaelynd talk about scaling up companies by hiring contractors, and how do you stay small
  • Cam gives recommends that money is very helpful to have when starting up in contracting
  • Cam discusses how he ended up setting up his business finances for contracting using Wave Accounting and setting up a separate credit card for the business
  • Cam got declined by a potential client on a website proposal but talks about the importance of following up
  • We discuss the importance of positioning
  • We chat about the challenge of coming up with startup ideas
  • Paul Graham - How to get startup ideas
  • Cam is going to MicroConf!
  • Kaelynd talks about her upcoming Raspberry Pi projects: a quail monitoring app, and a smart mirror