Talking about Notion

Episode 7 · March 19th, 2020 · 28 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

Kaelynd and Cam focus on updates around freelancing and work, documenting & sharing journey and learnings with others, and strategies for maintaining daily habits.

  • Kaelynd & Cam discuss the recent Toronto notion meetup & revamping their setups
  • Kaelynd discusses closing out her current role and the upcoming move
  • Kaelynd discusses current focus on closing out freelance client projects before starting her new job
  • Kaelynd touches on being mindful about keeping fitness and Spanish top of mind when starting new job
  • Cam provides updates on a new role he’s just started
  • Cam & Kaelynd discuss who might be helpful in reviewing and revising new contracts when the come up
  • Cam & Kaelynd discuss the importance of documenting his new journey into freelancing
  • Cam discusses effective methods for creating sharable content and resources for people who ask for help / guidance from him in a reusable format
  • Cam & Kaelynd discuss maintaining daily habits and their strategies around this
  • Cam & Kaelynd discuss potential ideas for notion projects as a stair step approach toward taking on side projects or building a business
  • Cam announces he's decided to go to microconf!

Bison Bison (band)
Notion app (note-taking etc)
Micro Conf