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Episode 6 · March 16th, 2020 · 46 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

  • Accidental caffeine and harnessing the power of coffee
  • Nanopresso portable espresso maker
  • Skip to 8m 20s if you want to get right to the updates
  • Cam updates on working on the last weeks of his first contract
  • Cam talks about pitching to a new client
  • Cam talks about a lucky conversation with a friend that may lead to a new contract
  • Cam updates on dealing with the stress of not knowing where your next project/paycheque is coming from
  • Kaelynd and Cam discuss figuring out how to manage your runway as a freelancer
  • Cam talks about buying time up front from contracting to put towards his own projects later in the year
  • Cam talks about being intentional about making new connections and maintaining existing ones
  • Cam meets someone from the TinySeed team
  • Cam talks about possibly starting a meetup
  • Kaelynd ramps down at her current job doing some documentation and picking some last work to help her current company as she prepares to transition to a new role
  • Kaelynd discusses an Ultraworking session that she had
  • Kaelynd talks about some fun work setting up integration triggers in SalesForce and Jira and automating some sequences in a similar workflow to Zapier or IFTTT
  • Indie Hackers episode with Vlad of Webflow
  • They chat a bit about where the "No code" movement may be going
  • They discuss how "No-code" is great for prototyping and testing things out before moving on a custom-engineered solution
  • Kaelynd looks forward to setting up some similar integrations work for future clients
  • They get to chatting about the importance of value-based pricing vs hourly pricing
  • KG meets random facebook friends
  • They discuss meetup culture and how important it is to be intentional about the culture you create in events and companies
  • Relevant Startups for the Rest of Us episode - Sex & Software
  • They discuss what is the right move for outreach efforts to bring in underrepresented groups of people into tech and ask how should events go about that
  • They talk about gender and race can be uncomfortable topics, but it can be an ongoing back and forth conversation. Everyone will make mistakes, but it's an ongoing effort.