The Joy of Taxes

Episode 4 · February 2nd, 2020 · 37 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

Cam & Kaelynd discuss updates related to taxes, freelancing, full time work, interview processes, and brainstorm around improving productivity with group accountability.

  • Cam discusses getting his taxes in order and a project he is considering which would make the process easier for others
  • Cam & Kaelynd discuss working in the open and the benefits of that
  • Cam & Kaelynd talk about the benefits of trying out a variety of business ideas and the perceived benefits of that as well as past experiences providing services outside of day jobs and the satisfaction in that
  • Cam runs through managing current contracts, upcoming confirmed contracts, and potential contracts on the horizon
  • Cam discusses possible negotiations around hourly rates and navigating that process
  • Kaelynd discusses her challenges with working from home and managing that
  • Kaelynd provides updates on her interview process and working through the final case study as well as her use of The Work Gym for it
  • Cam & Kaelynd discuss possible improvements to The Work Gym and what that might look like


The Work Gym
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