Liars & Bots

Episode 3 · February 2nd, 2020 · 29 mins 21 secs

About this Episode

  • Cam & Kaelynd discuss fake product reviews and how we might solve the problem
  • Cam & Kaelynd discuss AI generated stories and the use of AI in therapy bots
  • Cam gives updates on upcoming contracts and the new realities and considerations of freelancing
  • Cam discusses sharing with intent on social media to foster connections and engagement
  • Cam shares his experience with monthly planning with The Work Gym
  • Kaelynd discusses upcoming month of working remotely
  • Kaelynd discusses progress through her interview process and next steps
  • Kaelynd discusses updates around her progress with the Beginner Javascript Course
  • Kaelynd & Cam discuss the necessity of improving their Spanish skills to be able to better communicate with their partners’ family
  • Kaelynd discusses counseling and how that might be helpful for upcoming performance and figuring out a side project to help fuel skill building


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