Useful Christmas Gifts

Episode 2 · February 1st, 2020 · 27 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

Cam & Kaelynd discuss their experiences using The Work Gym by Ultraworking. Cam weighs the pros & cons of freelancing and taking on a full-time job. Kaelynd discusses interviewing for a new role and why she's looking to transition jobs. We also discuss strategies for interviewing, co-working experiences, starting a new javascript course, and useful Christmas gifts.


  • Observations & experiences using The Work Gym to Date
  • Cam's current exploration into freelancing and interviewing for full time jobs
  • Kaelynd's current experience interviewing for a potential new role
  • Pros & Cons of interviewing widely vs zeroing in on companies
  • Co-Working spaces & tech culture in Toronto
  • Kaelynd discusses starting a new Javascript Course
  • Cam shares his useful Christmas gift tip of the year